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The new Community Centre and Library will be a valuable resource for and run by local people. It will create a new centre for Hale that the whole community can enjoy.

Hale Community Trust was formed four years ago in direct response to Trafford Council’s plans to close Hale Library and is taking a leading role in developing the Community Centre and Library. HCT aims to undertake projects that maintain Hale as a vibrant place to live, visit, shop and work.

Hale Community Trust (HCT) is a registered charity (no. 1166878), which is governed by a board of Trustees who are unpaid volunteers.

Two planning applications will be submitted to Trafford Council. One details the proposed demolition of the existing Hale Library replacing it with a housing development incorporating a retail unit. The second details the demolition of the existing Bowling Green Pavilion replacing it with a new two-storey building. The building will house a library, provide facilities for the Bowling Club and Seniors’ Social Group together with new public toilets. The community event space will be available for informal get togethers and can also be used by interest groups as well as community events.

The kitchen and small bar area will serve the community space, Bowling Club and the Seniors’ Social Group. The community space will be available for hire by local groups and residents.

The new library will be fully functioning and managed by a professional librarian employed by Trafford Council. A team of volunteers will support the running of the Library. A full time manager will be appointed by the Trust to manage the Community Centre.

The existing public toilets will be replaced with a new and much improved facility.

Hale Community Trust has partnered with Trafford Borough Council and Hillcrest Homes (part of Nikal). No Board members of the Trust have any financial interest or business association with Hillcrest Homes.

Is anyone making any money from this project?

Trafford Council will receive a capital sum from the sale of the land after contributing to the cost of building the new Community Centre and Library.

Hillcrest Homes will expect to make a profit from the sale of the new homes.

Trafford Council will receive a capital sum from the sale of the land after contributing to the cost of building the new Community Centre and Library.

Hillcrest Homes will expect to make a profit from the sale of the new homes.

Hale Community Trust will own the building and run the new Community Centre. The Library will be run by Trafford Library Service. It is planned that the new building will be financially self-sustaining. Revenue will be generated from the hire of the facilities and rent from the retail unit.

There was a public consultation of the plans in Hale Library in Jan/Feb 2018, which generated a large amount of oral and written feedback which has informed the plans for this project. Contact has been maintained throughout the process with a range of local stakeholders and community groups.

HCT, the developers and planners have designed the building so that it will be in keeping with its surroundings and not dominate the Bowling Green site. The height of the facility will be the same as the terraced housing on Cecil Road.
The height, width and architectural design will be in proportion to the surrounding environment. The exterior design is an Arts and Crafts style recommended by Trafford planners.

The mature trees, a large silver birch and large chestnut, will be retained. The smaller trees growing beneath the canopy of the mature trees will be removed.

There is an opportunity to plant replacement trees along Cecil Road and the public footpath which runs alongside the M & S car park.

The bowling green will not change in size as a result of the new building and will be maintained by Trafford Council and the Bowling Club as it is now.

During the building phase, the builders will take care to protect the bowling green.

The bowlers have been consulted throughout the design process and welcome the new community space and facilities.

The Bowling Club and Manager of the Community Centre will work together to monitor and control who uses the green.

Yes there will be a licence.

The new building will provide flexible space, which can be used for a range of community activities. The bowlers will be able to use the bar facility. The community space will be available to local residents and user groups.

The use of the licence will be managed by the Management Committee.

The vast majority of activity will be led by the groups who currently use the meeting space at Hale Library as well as other local societies and clubs.

The design of the building at ground floor presents very little window space onto the public car park and, where window openings are present, soundproofing will be incorporated to reduce any emitting sound so as not to create a nuisance.

The Community Centre will be very similar in use to the Jubilee Rooms in Bowdon.

HCT will hold the freehold of the Library and Community Centre building together with the freehold of the retail space on Leigh Road.

A management committee will collect rents and manage, maintain and operate the new facility. This management committee will be made up of library staff, volunteers, bowlers, local residents and Trustees.

In effect the purpose and management of the building is vested in the residents of Hale.

The new building will replace the existing flat roofed pavilion and public toilets. The building will use traditional materials of brick, clay tile and timber.

The new building will add a focal point to the village and hugely improve the existing visual aspect from Ashley and Cecil Roads.

There will be no reduction in car parking spaces as a result of the new Community Centre and Library. Users will be able to park nearby in the Cecil Road car parks

The development is purely a relocation of existing facilities and does not create the need for additional parking.

HCT is aware of the parking and congestion problems in Hale and shares the concerns of local residents relating to parking issues. The Trust has raised these concerns with the local council.

The new Library will be slightly smaller than the existing library but it will be a viable modern library and free for residents to use. In addition to the book collection there will be computers, Wi-Fi and a children’s library. We are pleased that the Council has maintained its commitment to providing a library in Hale.

The library on Leigh Road will remain in operation until the new Community Centre and Library is open.

No. The planning application is not for a restaurant or bar. It includes a single retail unit, which is restricted to a shop or office for business or professional use.

Footfall is likely to be less than it currently is with the present library and this in turn will reduce the demand for parking on Leigh Road.

The height of the houses on Addison Road will match the height of the existing dwellings.

The height of the apartments on Leigh Road will be the same as the dwellings opposite.

The building line to both Leigh and Addison Roads will be the same as the existing housing stock.

There will be three pairs of semi-detached houses on Addison Road with parking to the rear accessed off Leigh Road. There will be two apartments above the retail unit situated on Leigh Road.

The design of the residential accommodation has changed considerably from the original proposals following representations from neighbours. The houses are now of a more traditional and modest design replicating Edwardian architecture.

Following consultation, the heights have been reduced and there are no balconies to cause overlooking issues.

The retail unit frontage has been altered to replicate the shops on Ashley Road.

There will be tree planting to both Leigh and Addison Roads to maintain a green environment.

The Trust has worked closely with Trafford Council Planners to ensure that the height, scale and massing of the new buildings will complement Ollerbarrow House.

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