Hale - photograph by Katie Lucas

Trafford Council to decide on Hale Village Place Plan

Trafford Council to decide on Hale Village Place Plan on September 28th 2020.

Hale Community Trust (HCT) is urging Trafford Council to take on board the many positive and constructive suggestions made during Trafford Council’s brief consultation period to ensure local businesses and local residents benefit from the opportunity that the Hale Village Place Plan represents.

Our aim is to make Hale a vibrant place to live, visit, shop and work. A plan that supports these goals is very much in our interests. Hale Village Place Plan does acknowledge the new Library and Community Centre is a key catalyst for the area. It will provide a focal point for residents and the community.

HCT has welcomed the creative suggestions surrounding the Public Realm but underlined the importance of addressing the needs of families, the elderly and disabled people living in the local area.

However, current proposals under the Hale Village Place Plan do not reflect or acknowledge the many concerns raised on key issues including:

  • Proposals to reduce or restrict parking spaces in Hale
  • Poor traffic flow and regular congestion through the village
  • Significant economic impact on local businesses and retailers.

HCT has asked for more clarity on how the new proposals will address and resolve the issues raised. It also disagrees with the report’s findings that the area well served by public transport.


Hale Community Trust Chairman, Grahame Elliott, commented:

"Like many other key stakeholders, businesses and residents in Hale, HCT raised detailed concerns on these and many other issues during the consultation process. We genuinely believed the plan would be co-produced with Trafford Council and the local community.

We are disappointed with the consultation process and believe many local people are not aware of the full impact of the proposals in their current form. We would urge Trafford Council to delay their decision, review the comments and suggestions put forward by key stakeholders and extend the consultation period in order that more local people can have their say.

Grahame Elliott, HCT Chairman

Additional Information

Hale Village Place Plan is due to for decision by Trafford Council’s Executive Committee on Monday September 28th.

You can find out more about the proposals by writing to Trafford Council Chief Executive.

More information about the proposed parking restrictions in Hale can be found here.

Please see Altrincham Today article here.


Hale - photograph by Katie Lucas